Challenges of Selling Jewelry Online

||Challenges of Selling Jewelry Online

Selling jewelry online looks perfect in numerous ways. This is because it is small, valuable, easy to sell and easy to ship. However, all the positive factors are coupled with some significant challenges.

  • Non-standardized items

Selling precious pieces online is different from selling other products like smartphones. Products have detailed specs of each model, and the consumers know what he or she is going to get in the box. For the jewelry, every product is unique. It will take a lot of time listing and describing the products with a non-existing catalog of info to copy and paste. It is important to include many detailed parameters about the product to assist consumers to know what they are expecting.

  • A higher rate of product return

Jewelry is one of the commodities that tend to have high return rates since the consumer’s distinctive personality always motivates the decision. For instance, if a piece of jewelry fails to match the consumer’s best outfit, then there’s a possibility that the item will be returned.

  • Production and materials

The materials used to craft jewelry such as precious metals and gemstones are costly and limited. In most cases, dealers of fine jewelry will have a small inventory of raw materials and only craft pieces that have ready clients. Furthermore, lead times are lengthy, and this leads to problems with online buyers and sales channels who expect fast delivery.

  • Seasonality

In most cases, consumers will buy jewelry as a present for a special occasion. For instance, Father’s Day is held in June every year, and this is when a high number of men’s jewelry is purchased. If you only sell women jewelry, you need to get ready for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and also Christmas.  As an online jewelry seller, you need to know the appropriate time to stock more products and get ready for the high demand.

  • Strict shipping rules

Materials that are used in making jewels are highly regulated, especially when sending them overseas. International delivery companies feature specific regions for the precious pieces. For instance, you might be required to get gemological certificates to sell the products. These lets you and your competitors evaluate the selling price of the items and trade across the world.

Most of the challenges are associated with the unique nature of the items. As an online seller, you need to know all the regulation and restrictions, and also to handle the logistical issues that come with products that are customized and made-to-order. Sell your product using Shopify and evade some of these challenges. For instance, the platform will handle the shipping of the product for you.

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